Say Hola to Aguilar

Hope Clark, Student Life and Design Editor

With the new school year comes new classes, new students, new administrators and new teachers. Among the new faces is Spanish II and III teacher Cándida Aguilar.

Ms. Aguilar described her first day teaching at Keller as great and better than she had anticipated.

“I was used to teaching, however the age differences are pretty noticeable,” Ms. Aguilar said. “Because of the different audience it was just a little bit nerve racking, but it was good. I loved it.”

Ms. Aguilar had gotten her prior experience at University of North Texas where she taught Spanish for beginners for two years. Here she earned her Bachelor’s Degree and is currently working on her Master’s in Spanish.

“I was a teaching assistant and later on I became a teaching fellow,” Ms. Aguilar said. “It was pretty much like I was doing a professor’s job with the salary of a student.”

Now Ms. Aguilar has chosen to teach at Keller because it’s very fulfilling and the district is pretty famous.

“Academically speaking it excels. It puts the kids first, which is the way it should always be.” Ms. Aguilar said.

Ms. Aguilar discovered her love for teaching when she was a senior at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas.

“I knew I was born to a teacher,” Ms. Aguilar said. “This is not something you become; you are born one. I feel that I am very lucky because teaching is a gift.”

Ms. Aguilar said that her Spanish Literature teacher, Señora Stacey, noticed her tendency to tutor other students and that she had a natural talent for it.

“She helped me discover that I wanted to be a teacher,” Ms. Aguilar said. “She saved me so I will always be thankful.”

Now Aguilar plans to inspire her students with her passion for Spanish and teaching.

“I’m a Spanish nerd, I love it,” Ms. Aguilar said. “I’m looking forward to getting my kids interested in Spanish. Not that they’re going to become majors in college, but that they enjoy the ride and just enjoy learning.”

To do this Ms. Aguilar uses what she described as an atypical teaching style.

“I follow the rules, but at the same point I make it mine,” Ms. Aguilar said. “I pretty much keep my students on their toes. They never know what is coming. The only thing they know is that they’re going to leave my room knowing something new.”

Ms. Aguilar said she’s always happy to be here and tries to show this to her students.

“I hope that through me they can see how exciting it is because I think that a person’s mind is capable of just about anything, and learning a second language is part of that,” Ms. Aguilar said. “So I’m looking forward to learning more [and] to never stop learning and to grow with my kids.”

Her students are her favorite part of teaching and though school has only just begun, she already thinks of them as her babies.

“They’re just so different. Everyone is so unique. Everyone in the world is unique, but you get to see it up close when you are a teacher. I love my kids. I love all of them.”

Ms. Aguilar has learned what it takes to teach such a variety of students through teaching Kung Fu for the past five years.

“You just learn to set your foot down and it prepared me with discipline. Kung Fu, like school, is for everybody, but not everybody has the discipline,” Aguilar said. “It gives you the confidence to perform because that is what you do when you get in front of your kids, you have to perform. You teach the material correctly in a way that will stay with them for a long time.”

Despite it being her first year at Keller, Ms. Aguilar hopes to be active here at Keller and has already helped the mascots during the blackout pep rally.

“I know I’m going to have tons of extra work just because I’m getting in the groove, but I do have plans to join more Keller High School extracurricular activities,” Ms. Aguilar said. “I just want to be involved. My kids and other teachers will see me around doing whatever crazy things clubs come up with. I’ll just follow along.”