Getting to Know All About Mrs.Hepworth

Katie Carter, Staff Writer

Teachers have no life outside of school. They are supposed to live in their classroom, sleep on their desks and eat cafeteria foods. Algebra teacher and JV Indianettes coach, Kristin Hepworth, ruins the typical expectations of her students by indulging in a large spectrum of interests.

“[My husband and I] exercise a lot and we run. We do half marathons so we train for that a lot,” Mrs. Hepworth said.

She has completed one marathon and five half marathons since she developed a passion for running. Mrs. Hepworth is no stranger to the amount of training required to complete a marathon.

“I run a lot and some interval training to get faster but we mostly run for fun of it,” Mrs. Hepworth said. “So I will just do 2 miles or 5 miles during the week, but then Saturdays is the long run, that is how you build up to it. So we start off doing a 6 mile run and then the next Saturday an 8 mile run and just work our way up.”

Mrs. Hepworth’s dedication to running and her health factors in when she coaches the JV Indianettes. In between training, marathons, and the Indianettes she finds time for her commitment to the army reserve.

“I am in the army reserve, which is pretty unique for people to hear,” Mrs. Hepworth said. “I do army stuff, as a broadcast journalist, on the weekends. It is one weekend a month and two weeks a year.”

When asked if she also has any interest in journalism she replied with a laugh “Yes, but not the writing part!”

Instead she enjoys mathematics, specifically algebra I and algebra II. Mrs. Hepworth had taught these subjects previously in Granbury. Mrs. Hepworth began teaching four years ago after majoring in French at the Centenary College in Louisiana.

“Both of my parents were teachers and I just felt the calling to teach,” Mrs. Hepworth said.

Despite all of the tedious paperwork that litters her desk, Mrs. Hepworth loves being in the classroom and interacting with the students.

“Working with the students and the student-teacher relationships are one of my favorite things about teaching,” Mrs. Hepworth said as a smile lit up on her face.