Fake It Till You Make It

Lora Pippin, Avocado/ That's Rad/ Trending Editor

Perhaps the green and yellow Baylor wall décor found around her classroom offers some insight into Meagan Weldon’s earlier life, prior to her becoming part of the Keller High School staff.

Born in Splendora, a small town outside of Houston, Meagan Weldon was not planning to be a teacher while in her first few years at Baylor University.

“I was going to be a sports agent, so I was in the business program,” Ms. Weldon said.

It wasn’t until Ms. Weldon took a class about teaching special education that she discovered her love for her current career. Through student teaching and interacting with children, Ms. Weldon made the decision to switch majors her junior year.

“I got to work with a little girl who was pretty interesting and she made me want to become a teacher,” Ms. Weldon said.

Not only is Ms. Weldon passionate about teaching, she is also passionate about the game, softball specifically. In her hometown, she was admitted into the Splendora High School Hall of Fame for her accolades in sports. However, her successes in softball didn’t stop at the high school level.

“I played softball while at Baylor,” said Weldon, “and we got to go to the World Series my last year there.”

Not only does Ms. Weldon teach English I to freshman at Keller High School, but she also coaches through her job as the new Varsity Assistant Head Coach for girls’ softball.

“Hopefully these girls will learn good mechanics about ball, but can use my coaching styles in the real world,” Ms. Weldon said.

Ms. Weldon hopes her students will learn from her not only the mechanics of English, but also how to apply her lessons in the real world to become successful adults.

“Hopefully, they can relate to me in some form or fashion after high school, and how I was able to teach them some sort of life lesson,” Ms. Weldon said.

Success in Ms. Weldon’s classroom was revealed to come from participation, asking questions, and completing work. While offering advice to future teachers, Ms. Weldon emphasized the importance of patience and making lessons fun. When asked about her secret to success, she responded with a personal motto.

“Fake it till you make it,” said Ms. Weldon.