Bettering KHS One Step at a Time

Cameron Burleson

Small hallways, fast paced passing periods, and rigorous class schedules are among the many challenges that mark a freshman’s transition from middle school to high school. Though these challenges cannot be completely avoided, the school has implemented a new intervention Counselor, Danny Ross, whose job is to make student life a little less stressful.

Although this is Mr. Ross’ first year at Keller, he is no stranger to the duties of an Intervention Counselor.

“I have previously worked with younger students and their parents, dealing with many issues in the area of social work and Intervention Counseling” Mr. Ross Said.

There are also multiple different requirements that one would have to meet, before he or she could pursue a career in Intervention Counseling.

“A license in social work, a degree in counseling and also a background in counseling are some of the requirements for this job,” Mr. Ross Said

With an extensive background in social work and counseling, Mr. Ross has been working tirelessly to innovate and modify the current intervention program.

“We have been going to multiple workshops and events that are helping us grow the program,” Mr. Ross Said.

Taking on the responsibility of an intervention counselor is no easy job. Though there are multiple opportunities that are in place for students to take advantage of this program, Mr. Ross explains parents and student aren’t always on board.

“The most challenging part of this job is when parents and students are not willing to accept that they may need some extra assistance,” Mr. Ross said.

One of the ways Mr. Ross has worked to counteract these possible challenges, is with a new small group program.

“The small group [would be] for students who may be experiencing stress, chemical imbalances or other issues,” Mr. Ross Stated.

Students may at times feel that reaching out for help may seem uncomfortable or embarrassing, but sometimes reaching out is the best or even only option. Mr. Ross, understanding these possible concerns, has established the small group sessions to alleviate these possible concerns.

“The point of the small group is so that the kids can have a safe haven,” Mr. Ross said.

Mr. Ross has the new intervention program up and running. The objective of this program is to reach out to students that may be struggling with different issues. The program is also geared toward allowing students to attend small groups, where they can have a safe haven to express their stresses to students their own age.  Mr. Ross is currently implementing innovative and groundbreaking ideas that everyday seek to make KHS a positive environment for everyone.