Sophomore Job Hunting

Alec Harward, Staff Writer

There are many things to take into consideration when applying for any jobs. The sophomores here at Keller High are now beginning to reach the driving age, filling up the parking lots and showing off their parent’s cars. Getting a job is a tough thing to do as a high school student; it can take weeks to months to get any response back from the locations you apply at.

Don’t apply for just one job, find as many places you would enjoy working at and grab an application. Many stores may not be hiring when you come in and get an application, and many stores won’t advertise when they are looking for new hires. You could wait months before hearing back from a job offer, and if you’ve already gotten a job by that point you only have to say that you’re no longer interested.

While filling out a paper application be sure to put an answer for everything. Don’t leave anything blank. If you have any blank spaces put N/A on it. Leaving an question blank could infer you did not read it or see it, having N/A down at least lets the employer you read it and know you do not fulfill that requirement or know the answer to the question.

Call the store back two to three days after you turn in your application ask to speak to a manager. Once you have the manager introduce yourself and ask if they received your application.

Receiving a callback can take a while, but if you get one remain calm and speak clearly. Let the manager know you’re thankful for the call back, even if they let you know you didn’t get the job or interview.

When you go into an interview present yourself the best way you can, wear nice clothes and make sure you’re all clean and ready to meet your boss. Be yourself and tell your future employer the truth. Answer all their questions and be as nice and friendly as you can.

There’s many places looking for new hires, but unfortunately there’s always people looking for jobs, take your time and find a job you will enjoy. It won’t be fun to go to a job you hate right after school and work until ten. Working at a real job is a great experience, you’ll meet new friends and some interesting people and learn many things you never thought about.