Looking Forward to Today

Katie Carter, Staff Writer

Now that the breaks have ended and we are basically in school for three months straight the desire for the school year to end is reaching its peak. Students constantly complain how things would better once the week is over and then repeat the request once a new week has begun. Eventually resting on just waiting for summer to begin, but now we need to keep the break blues at bay.

Essentially, we are wishing our lives away for the next thing to occur. Will the daily drudge of school takes its toll on everyone students need to try to prevent it from consuming their lives. These are supposedly some of the best years of our lives. Who wants to look back at them and only remember how they didn’t enjoy it?

We want to only live through the breaks and fast forward through the other 36-weeks spent in school. That isn’t really living. That is tolerating life; Going through the motions while hoping for beneficial variations in our daily lives. It needs to stop.

Buckle down on schoolwork and don’t become one of those kids who let their grades drop in order to make summer come sooner. While a couple of grades won’t make a huge difference they add up and can result in your GPA drastically changing. These last few weeks tend distinguish students.

Take time to enjoy friends, family and things you like to do. Reward yourself for a hard week and go out with friends. Facilitate gratitude of the present but make the present enjoyable. Don’t lock yourself away and expect positive thinking, you need to give yourself something positive to think about.

Appreciating today in turn helps the rest of the year to become fun. Summer will be here before you know it, because after all time flies when you are having fun! So I dare you to challenge yourself to look forward to today and not only what tomorrow may or may not bring. The future may or may not come but the present is guaranteed.