International Indians

Brooke Nelson, Avocado Editor

“How was your Spring Break?” is murmuring through the halls, evoking various stories of road trips and college visits and family vacations. Some Spring Breakers at Keller High, however, had a Spring Break that was a little out of the ordinary—they went to Europe. Jake Blakeman, a senior, describes his experience with a group from Keller who travelled through various countries in Europe over break with Mrs. McLaughlin… and had some interesting experiences along the way.

-What countries did you visit? For how long?

France and Spain—but more specifically, Paris, Versailles, Barcelona, and Madrid. We were gone for a week and a half.


-How was the trip put together? Has this group done something similar before?

We go through a company called EF tours and the trip was planned by them. I travelled with Mrs. McLaughlin two years ago on an EF trip through Ireland, England, and Wales.


-Who did you go with?

This trip I travelled with a really great group of kids including Ian Crispin, Rebecca Falter, and Danielle Wasser. Mrs. McLaughlin accompanied us.


-Describe some of the good (and not so good) experiences on the trip.

The cold in Paris was rough, but seeing the Eiffel Tower light up in the snow storm was such a beautiful and awesome moment. Also, seeing an Irish cover band play American songs like I’m Yours by Jason Mraz on St. Patrick’s Day was great. Unfortunately there was a lot of pick-pocketing. It was attempted on me and actually happened to Rebecca.


-What was your favorite part of the trip?

My favorite part of the trip was seeing a church that had two bombs fall inside it and not explode.


-What did you take away from the experience as a whole?

It was a very amazing experience. Anyone who even minutely likes architecture would fall in love with the sights on this trip. I took away many great friends, with many great memories in some really great places.