Find the Perfect Dress

Jordan Sutter, Staff Writer

Finding your prom dress can be a stressful task.  You want to look your best, but also want to make sure that you find a dress in your price range.  Whether you have the ability to nab an expensive dress or would rather find one that is more conservatively priced, there are a variety of places in the DFW area for you to go in search of the perfect dress.



Whether you choose to go to the Fort Worth or Dallas store, Whatchamacallit offers a large variety of designer dresses and very helpful associates.  Although both stores are relatively similar, the Fort Worth one is smaller and seems to be much less crowded, whereas the Dallas store is very large and extremely busy throughout prom season.

Terry Costa

Terry Costa houses a huge number of dresses, and is separated by price point.  There is a section for the extremely expensive designer dresses and, although still not cheap, a section of dresses that are not as outrageously priced.  The lines for the dressing rooms during prom season at Terry Costa are incredibly long, so even though it is great to check the store out because of the plethora of dress choices, expect to be there for a while.


Separated on racks by size, Muzzie’s is a boutique in Dallas that also offers an assortment of upscale dresses, but is much smaller than either of the stores previously mentioned, and doesn’t have as many dress choices.  It does not get as much traffic as them either, so if you are looking for a place that is a little less crowded but still has a good selection of upscale dresses, this might be your place.


Department Stores- Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom

Although department stores do carry some dresses that would fall under the “$$$” category, you can definitely snag some deals.  Don’t let the pricey dresses displayed fool you, because if you look through the assortment of dresses, you can find beautiful, quality ones that are cheaper than what you would find at any of the stores listed above.



Located in Grapevine Mills Mall, Gala offers a large selection of dresses at more affordable prices.  Some dresses sold at this store look strikingly similar to designer dresses, and do not cost nearly as much.



Believe it or not, some Goodwill stores do have prom/formal event dresses.  Dresses that were originally priced at $150-$250 dollars can sometimes be sold at Goodwill for as little as $25-$50.  This is a great option for people trying to save money.

Buy/Borrow from Friends

It is always a good option to borrow, or buy, a dress from a friend or someone that you know.   If someone wants you to buy the dress from them, chances are they will not make you pay as much as they did originally.