Schedule Change?

Kaitlin Bethay, Spotlight Editor

In order to give students more opportunities to take classes that pertain to their future careers, the district has proposed an additional credit. The school board will determine whether this proposed change will go into effect for the 2013-2014 school year at the Feb. 14 meeting.

“It really provides students with the opportunity to explore different career aspirations,” Principal Jeff Bradley said. “We have a lot of clusters and a lot of strands within our CTE department that allow students to take four courses and exit with certain certifications that will prepare them to enter positions in the real world.”

With an extra period, schedules are sure to change. The district is currently considering three different schedule options, should the board approve the eighth credit. These options include: a traditional schedule, a modified block schedule, and a hybrid schedule.

Traditional is similar to the schedule KHS follows right now. However, instead of having a 48 minute lunch, students would have a 30 minute lunch built into one of their classes. This schedule would also allow for a 20 minute study hall.

With modified block schedule, first and fifth period would meet everyday for 45 minutes, and the three periods in between would meet on alternating days for 90 minutes.

Hybrid schedule is currently in use at Keller Middle School and would therefore be familiar with incoming freshman. A fusion of traditional and block schedule, hybrid schedule would require students to attend all of their classes three days a week, and follow a modified block two days a week.  This schedule, like traditional, would allow for a 20 minute study hall.

“I think there are pros to all three of them,” Bradley said. “In all honesty, I like the hybrid because it would help prepare our students for where they are going from here. In college a lot of students do not do the same thing everyday and in the work world you definitely do not do the same thing everyday.”

The district does not plan on choosing a schedule without “getting feedback from a wide variety of groups.” Students, teachers, and community members are encouraged to voice their opinion.

However, before a change can be made to the schedule the board must approve the allocation of funds to support an extra credit.

“It will cost the district anywhere from $2.5 to $3.6 million,” Bradley said. “We are not going to ask our teachers to have a higher work load. They will still teach six classes, so we would have to get additional staff to help supplement that. “

With registration for next year on the horizon, the resolution regarding new schedules should follow soon after the board meeting.

“Our goal is to know before we start registering for classes. Once the board makes a decision it should be a relatively short period of time before we know what schedule we will be on.”