A Single Folk’s Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, one’s significant other (or lack of), seems to become much more apparent. For “the singles”, it can be easy to spend the holiday throwing yourself a pity party complete with a sappy Nicholas Sparks movie and a cheap, heart-shaped box of chocolates- I understand. But why not make the best of a day devoted to sharing love and chocolate and flowers? It’s not all bad, and you’re not the only one who isn’t being bombarded with oversized teddy bears and mushy love letters (I promise). So in the case that you are one of the many without a boyfriend/girlfriend this February 14th, here is a list of a few ways to spend your time NOT feeling sorry for yourself.

-Look nice, confidence is key

-See a movie with fellow single friends

– Go out to eat

-Treat yourself to your favorite candy

– Watch a horror movie

– Workout!

– Read a good book