YAK Fest

YAK Fest

Matt McCall, Culture Editor

KELLER—Get ready kids, the second annual Keller Young Adult Book Festival, or YAK Fest for short, is on its way.

YAK Fest strives to connect students to the authors they read and authors to the readers they write for, and it looks like this year is shaping up to be even better than last.

“This year we’ve got 23 authors instead of 13, so it’s a lot more. We’ve got seven sessions instead of just four, so there is a whole lot more to choose from,” librarian Lucy Kubo, who is in charge of the event, said. “We have a whole session for just middle school students, so we’re trying to have something special for those kids.”

Look for merchandise, lively discussion panels, poetry seminars and a whole lot of vampire literature to choose from, so check out YAK Fest this Saturday, January 19th at KHS.