Persistence is Key

Abbey Bowling, Sports Editor

Only since the 1940’s have women gained respect in the workplace. If you ask me, that’s pretty recent—as a country, we’re leaning away from the patriarchal society we’ve had since our establishment and finally allowing women identical opportunities as men. But it can still be tough to find a real job—one you can make into your career—because sometimes the things we love won’t always provide a paycheck. However, with enough blood, sweat and tears, it’s possible to be successful.

Emily Jones is the in-game reporter for all Texas Rangers home games and about 30% of the away games—you may have seen her during the season, doing her game day broadcast from beside the Rangers’ dugout, ignoring the camera-crazed fans eager to be on screen. She is also MLB Network’s Rangers’ correspondent and reporter for; during baseball’s offseason, she reports pre and post game shows for the Mavericks and Hornets and hosts the Big 12 Showcase.

“There’s always something new…a new game, new players, a new season…nothing ever stays the same,” Jones said, “it makes things very interesting and almost always entertaining.”

Needless to say, Jones has made her mark on the testosterone-driven world of sports, but for someone like Jones who never considered anything but journalism as a career, being a successful female reporter in a male environment didn’t come easily.

“It’s a challenge at times, but it was definitely more of one earlier in my career. You have to know your stuff and earn your stripes if you want people…to take you seriously,” Jones added, “there are also a lot of opportunities presented to women that weren’t before, so I feel fortunate in that regard.”

Indeed, women have advanced in the office—from housewife to secretary to astronaut; women are gaining ground in the competitive workplace. If you want to succeed, however, persist.

“Be persistent,” Jones added, “this is a tough industry to break into, and a lot of people want in. It has a way of weeding people out. The vast majority of those who survive are the ones who have worked the hardest. Good luck!”