Breaking the Ice

Jordan Sutter, Staff Writer

Ava Reynolds is a freshman who has an unusual hobby worthy of recognition.  Ava is a competitive girls hockey player, and she has traveled all the way from Colorado to play on a hockey team here in Texas.


She answered some questions for us regarding her motivation to come here, her passion for the sport, and how she balances being a super student and a hockey star.


Q: When did you start playing hockey?

A: I started playing hockey when I was three.  My dad played goalie in college hockey and my brother also plays goalie, so I just started playing hockey too.


Q: Did you and your family go into this with the intention that you would be at the level that you are at today?

A: Yeah, I did.  All of my family is competitive, so I figured I would play competitive hockey too.


Q: How much do you have to practice a week?

A: We practice five hours a week, and then we have off-ice training too for two or three hours.


Q: What is your team called?

A: Dallas Stars Elite.


Q: How often do you have to travel out of state for tournaments?

A: Every month, either once or twice.


Q: Why did you move to Texas and what was that like for you?  Did you move here just for this team?

A: My mom drove me down here two weeks ago.  We decided to wait until after softball season in Colorado so that I could play.   Yes, I moved here just for this team.


Q: So you are living with a host family here in Texas, how has that been so far?

A: Yeah, it’s fun!  They’re really nice to me and I knew them before I came to live with them.


Q: How do you balance your extensive amount of hockey practice with school?  Is it a struggle to complete your homework?

A: Yeah, I just try to get out of the locker room as quickly as I can after practice and go do homework and whatever I need to do before I go to bed.


Q: Does hockey take up all of your free time outside of school?

A: Basically.  I have a couple days off, but that’s when I have to finish homework and stuff.


Q: I know that hockey is a dangerous sport, so do you have frequent injuries from playing hockey so much?

A: Not really.  I’ve only had one big one, which was a concussion, but really you don’t get hurt that much.


Ava who moved states and lives with another family all to play the sport she loves is a true embodiment of dedication.