Bored Over Break

Emi Hobart, Staff Writer

Do you ever get bored during Thanksgiving Break, have nothing better to do than watch football and eat leftovers?


Well, here is a list of awesome activities for you to try out when you get bored this break!


1. Backyard Camping
Grab a flashlight, sleeping bag, and everyone’s favorite ‘heat in a can’, then pitch a tent in the yard. For the best results, camp with friends and MadLib some good old fashion corny ghost stories.


2. Hiking
If you’re an outdoorsy person hiking is really fun and a great a way to burn off all those extra calories from the big turkey dinner. Beautiful nature trails line Lake Grapevine. Take some left over turkey and make it a picnic.


3. Movie Marathon

Invite a few friends over and spend the entire night watching your favorite films. Cuddle up on the couch in a cozy blanket, pop some popcorn, add salt and butter, and pick up some donuts in the morning. This is a great way to counteract the calorie-burning from the hike.


4. Ice Skating

Enjoyable for those like to stay indoors, ice skating is a great way to stay healthy when you’re not in P.E. class. At the Grapevine Mills Mall, there is an ice rink that also rents skates for those one-time users. When you are done, you can go shop around to finish off the evening. Bring a jacket and don’t slip!


Have fun and have a great Thanksgiving Break!