Band Together

Lindsey Faust, Bulletin Editor

Whether at a football game, a pep rally or in the sophomore lot after school, we can hear the band we all love giving it their best. But what everyone may not know about is the number of competitions the band is facing in the next few weeks.

This weekend the varsity band will travel to San Antonio for a regular UIL contest, and the state contest follows its predecessor only a week later. The weekend after state, a specialized drumline competition will take place at Marcus High School – it’s safe to say our band members have quite the month ahead of them.

A varsity snare player, junior Bryan Lindsey shared his favorite parts of performing in band competitions, including the feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing work come to fruition.

“Performing in finals is awesome. It’s a really intense atmosphere, and it’s cool to hear and see the past four months of work come together and sound really good.”

As part of the drumline, Bryan is especially proud of his section and loves to be heard.

“Warming up in the lot as a drumline before we perform is really cool. It’s awesome for us to sound really clean while people are walking through the lot listening to us. It gives a chance to show off.

Make sure to support the band in all their endeavors and wish them luck as they start off on an intense month of competitions!