Business Professionals of America

Lora Pippin, Staff Writer

Keller High School offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations that you can become involved in. If you are interested in business management, office administration, technology, and other career opportunities, BPA might just be your cup of coffee.

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is an organization that focuses on future career successes by promoting leadership, citizenship, academics, and technological skills. Students use critical thinking and real-life business skills to solve financial, management, information technology, and computer application problems, which prepare them for the future.

Melanie Rodges and Lora Folger are in charge of the BPA club at Keller High School. Students who get involved with BPA can participate in team competitions and individual competitions, where they present ideas to solve real-world business situations and problems.

“Students prepare Powerpoint presentations and present in front of a panel of judges, who decide which group or individual student plan will solve the problem best,” Rodges said.

Some events require preparation months in advance. However, other prompts are given the day of the competition, where the student must prepare as quickly and as effectively as possible to solve the problem. After being judged, students can advance to state and national competitions.

“This year the state competition will take place in Houston,” Rodges said, “and nationals will take place in Orlando, Florida.”

BPA competitions are all-expense paid trips for its members, and are counted as school sponsored absences. Club member Amanda Salinas enjoys the traveling aspect of the club and the experience BPA brings.

“Competing and getting to meet new people from other states is what makes this club so much fun,” Salinas said.

Students learn teamwork through group collaborations, which prepares them for college and future job opportunities.

“If you like business,” Salinas said, “this club gives you insight about how real life business works and what knowledge and experience is required.”

Participants can earn not only graduation cords, but knowledge about careers in business. BPA is a great way for students who are interested in business to explore the different fields and narrow down which field of business they want to pursue a career in.

If you are interested in BPA, email Melanie Rodges at [email protected]  or Lora Folger at [email protected]  to get more information.