Show Some Support

Chelsea O’Neal, Photography Editor

It is fall in Texas and that means that there is one thing on everyone’s mind: high school football. Though the Friday night, or maybe even Thursday night games, give a multitude of people an immense amount of excitement, the football players are not the only athletes that work hard during the fall season.

Though they are often swept under the rug, your Keller High School cross-country team has been dominating their competition for years.

We see them every day; the tall and lanky high school students running around the premises of campus. These athletes make the miles they run look absolutely effortless.

“You have to be an extremely dedicated athlete,” says Coach Zaring, “we are up and running before most of the students at this school even think about waking up.

The members of the cross-country team run at least 4 if not 10 miles every single day. Running is not an easy thing to do, better yet getting up in the morning and running the distance that they do.

Zaring said, “I believe the cross-country team is make up of the most hard working athletes at Keller High School.”

But why is it that the athletes that work so hard get so little credit?

“We have a really good team this year,” says Zaring.

The boys are currently ranked 6th in the state, and though only 3 teams get to participate in the state meet, they have a really good chance to advance to the next level.

Our girls cross-country team is ranked 4th in the district, and for the first time in a long time, look like they have a chance to advance to the regional level.

“Though our next meet is the district meet, which takes place while we are all at school, the athletes could really use the support,” Zaring said.

It’s time for our school to show support to someone other than the football team. Walk through the hallways of Keller High School and tell me the ratio of football signs compared to cross-country signs. For athletes that work so hard, it sure doesn’t look like we appreciate it.