Peer-Pressure Perfection

Kayla Barnes, Design Editor

Keller High School has noticed some big changes in the spectrum of sports, but not on the field. This time, the fans are the ones basking in the spotlight.


It all started last year during basketball season, when fans took to the stands and decided to ‘get rowdy’ in support of their home team.  Even with the departure of the class of 2012 and a summer off from school, Keller spirit has not lessened but has in fact been on the rise. From body paint to creative (and sometimes almost offensive) cheers, the students of Keller High have decided to support their sports programs no matter what the scoreboard says at the end the game.


Seniors like Evan Anthony and Ian Kinney have taken matters into their own hands, creating the ‘Bleacher Creatures’ and encouraging peers to come enjoy free food from their self-funded tailgating and to cheer on the football and volleyball teams. They communicate to the student body via their @KtownCreatures twitter page, use an infamous whiteboard during the games to start chants, and identify themselves with homemade t-shirts.


Many students have followed this new rage and have chosen to expand their support farther than years past. Seniors took the initiative to start a Senior Boys program to support senior Volleyball players mirroring the Senior Girls Program for football.


This is all just peer pressure at it’s best: students demonstrating a positive atmosphere in their school and implementing the creative means to excite optimism and spirit throughout all cliques. And as a spin against how this generation is often associated with tearing each other down, this school has decided to build each other up and support each other.


This school, our school, THE Keller High School, makes it a point of pride to be called an Indian. Win or loose, the spirit refuses to die. There will be those who choose to look at our sports programs with hopeless pessimism, but the majority are choosing to fight with the teams till the bitter end. And with an undefeated district record in Volleyball’s court, and a narrow defeat in the first district game against L.D. Bell in football, it seems to be that the teams are taking notice of student support, and are choosing to play their hearts out.