A Committed Relationship


Brandon Christian, Staff Writer

The school year has just started, and for most seniors, this means applying to colleges, but some have already committed to a decision. While its nice to already be accepted to a college, one might wonder if committing to a college this soon is not a very thought out choice. Senior year is the year most students decide what college to attend and by committing to a college so early on you might be missing out on certain opportunities.


  • By committing early you don’t have to stress out about application deadlines
  • Longer to work on scholarship offers
  • Saving money on application fees
  • Early preparation for college
  • Better housing options


  • Not having as many college options to choose from
  • Not knowing where friends might be going yet
  • Having to pay a fee if you do decide to change colleges
  • Not being able to weigh all your possible options

The pros out weigh the cons and already being accepted by a college really saves a lot of stress through out the year. Either the choice is fine; just don’t wait to long to make a commitment or you might find yourself in a situation you don’t like!