Swords Wins Battle to Germany

Swords Wins Battle to Germany

Kamal Sidhu, Design Team

Sitting in a room full of German grammar posters, surrounded by studious peers, sophomore Lauren Swords is busy taking her first step to a trip to Germany.

The American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) test is a national German test taken by many students, including Swords.

“It wasn’t too hard, I think,” Swords said. “I scored in the 90th percentile, and 229 students took it.”

Swords filled out an application in German, went to an interview that was half in German and half in English, and was then selected to take a summer trip to Germany.

“The interview was definitely the hardest part,” Swords said. “They asked me about who I was, what I like to do with my family, why I wanted to go to Germany, why I was interested in the culture, and what I knew about German politics and stuff.”

32 other students will be accompanying Swords on this all-expense-paid trip.

“They don’t pay for me getting to the departure point, but the actual round trip is paid for,” Swords said. “I will be leaving in mid June, and will be gone for three and a half weeks.”

Swords does not have a family member that speaks German.

“I just kind of decided I was going to take German,” Swords said.

Gabriele Barwig is Swords’s German teacher.

“I am really really proud and happy because Lauren got this,” Barwig said. “Especially since this is the third year in a row [someone has won].”

Congratulations to Lauren Swords on this accomplishment and good luck on her adventure in Germany!