Poet’s Society


Abba Hernandez, Decades Editor

It’s Monday morning
you wake up
pour your OJ
in a cupgo to school
hear some stuff
write a lot
‘til it’s enoughthen go home
and watch TV
do some homework
brush your teeth

then go to sleep
and close your eyes
and tomorrow
when you rise…

do it all again.


Neither a lyrical diction nor an insane dedication to the Bard is necessary to join Keller High School’s Poets Society. A simple love of thought, humor, words and creativity will be sufficient.

“Poets Society is a perfect opportunity to just get together with other people with similar interests and spark each others’ creativity,” junior Annie Hwang, the Society’s president and founder, said. “We are living these busy lives without any time to pause and just let our creative juices flow.”

Poets Society is a place to come and re-connect with your creative side, to be inspired and to inspire others. The meetings consist of sharing poems or lyrics, planning various poet-related activities and hanging out with interesting people. Some future plans of the Poets Society include fundraisers, poetry workshops and publishing a Keller High School Anthology. If words come easily to you or if you have a burning desire for new ideas and a community of people who feel the same way, this club is for you.

“If you have been feeling lost and confused and frustrated lately, you should join this club,” Annie said.