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Michelle Mirza

Michelle Mirza, Two Cents/That's Rad Editor

Hi, there! Hello, there? It’s my third year on the Wigwam and I still have no idea how to start these things. The name’s Michelle Mirza; some people call me Michael, others M-swizzle. I’ve finally reached my senior year (although I still fall victim to people assuming I’m a freshman). After three whole years filled with things ranging from issues of coming to a school with unpredictable climates in the classroom to countless snotty breakdowns at 2 in the morning because of my procrastination to laughing so hard with my friends that it actually physically hurt - I’ve finally made it (AREN’T YOU PROUD, MOM?). This year on the Wigwam I will be continuing to carry on the throne of the Rants/Two Cents Editor; however, in addition, I’ll also be the editor of the That’s Rad section. I’m super excited. It’s pretty rad. If I’m not too preoccupied with making horrible puns and procrastinating my priorities (senioritis hit me like a truck before I was even out of the womb), I enjoy eating. And eating. And occasionally sleeping. Amongst all that, I also periodically enjoy talking in an extremely convincing British accent and prancing around my house belting out Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and passionately ranting about my love for ice cream and onesies and aesthetics. Oh, and also eating. I look forward to unleashing my quirkiness in the newspaper for one last time, I hope you all don’t mind (and if you do, too bad. Go eat some ice cream and chill why don’t you).

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Michelle Mirza