Great Sports Alternatives


Koen Samuel, Assistant Editor

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all sporting leagues and events around the world are cancelled. From the NBA to the Premier League, even to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, sports for the foreseeable future have been effectively put on hold. Sports fans all over the world have no choice but to seek different alternatives for their craving. 

Some networks have decided to play back games from a decade or so ago. On ESPN, they are re-airing NBA Finals games from years past. From the 2003 Finals of the San Antonio Spurs vs the then New Jersey Nets to Kobe Bryant’s Lakers trilogy of finals appearances from 2008-2010, fans can re-watch some of the most iconic moments in recent NBA history. On NBC, they’ve decided to re-air some of the previous Summer Olympics. From Lisa Leslie and the women’s basketball gold medal finish at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, to Micheal Phelps eight gold medal performance in Beijing, fans can get nostalgia for some Olympian-esque moments. 

On TNT, the premiere of Shaq Life, allows people to get an insight of the life of retired NBA player and Inside the NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal. The show focuses on Shaq’s hectic and thrilling mogul themed life as he tries to balance it all. Aside from his job as an NBA analyst, he is a DJ, a member of Papa John’s board of directors, and most important to him, a father. The drama filled reality series gives people a chance to see what Shaq’s daily life is like, whether its a European tour as an EDM DJ, business meetings, or raising his kids. Perhaps the best part of the series is getting a chance to see the real Shaq, a humble, charitable human who likes to do the right thing. It also doesn’t hurt that it is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. 

But what really has people talking is the new Micheal Jordan centered documentary, The Last Dance, a ten part series that focuses on the 1997-1998 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls. The footage was filmed over two decades ago but provides fans an insight on what transpired behind the scenes as Jordan and Bulls won their last championship. Whether it was the tension between head coach Phil Jackson and GM Jerry Krause or the drama surrounding Scottie Pippen and front office, viewers can see the makings of the most drama filled championship of the Jordan Era. 

While sports fans can’t attend games or watch their favorite team, they do have something sports related to look forward to. Whether its re-airings or reality and documentary series, at least people have something to tie them over until the real action resumes.