Dirk’s Final Game


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Dirk Nowitzki, sixth all time scorer with 31,560 points, NBA MVP, Finals MVP, NBA Champion, 21 seasons with one team, and arguably the best DFW athlete ever has played his final game.

Clearly one of the all time greats, Dirk was honored the way he deserved in his final games of his storied career. Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen and other NBA legends were there to honor Dirk in his final home game, numerous videos, cheers, tributes, and standing ovations were dedicated his way as well making the night unforgettable to anyone who experienced it whether in person or on TV.

Though his number are impossible to beat what separates Dirk from others is his personality and loyalty. In current time of super teams Dirk played 21 years with one franchise, took pay cuts so the team could get better and never asked a single thing in return. He didn’t want all the publicity in his retirement, so he didn’t announce it until after the fact, that is Dirk. Having a first ballot hall of fame career, being the most loved and best DFW athlete to date and not wanting anything, nothing in return.

Dirk is Dallas and will be terribly missed. Not seeing him out on the court and watching Mavs games without him on the team will be weird and not right. But the man brought us all he could for 21 years and let’s be honest, the timing couldn’t be better with young guns Luka and Porzingis to pass the torch to. And plus, the inevitable statue of the trademark Dirk one-legged fade that will be put outside the arena will be awesome.