NCAA Tourney Storylines

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The 2019 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is in full swing as we move through the first couple weekends of the best time of the year for college basketball fans. Despite a rather normal tournament, the story lines are very present as usual from exciting games, and players the madness always brings its A game.

The talent alone in this year’s tournament is better than it has ever been.

Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and more top ten draft are representing their teams trying to make a run to the final four.

Ja Morant, arguably the best player over Zion, puy on his show in his rather short showing in the big dance. Leading the way over a first round victory over Marquette, Morant’s Murray State lost in the second round at the hands of Florida State. But Morant didn’t flinch at the big stage proving even more at his bid if the number one overall pick.

Williamson and Barrett of Duke are still dancing though limping onto the sweet 16 after they just squeaked by Central Florida in their round of 32 clash getting lucky twice at the buzzer to advance. Though the road only gets tougher for the Blue Devils, Duke is a very safe pick to keep advancing to the Final Four.

But the talent doesn’t stop there; Colby White and Cam Johnson out of North Carolina, Rui Hachimura from Gonzaga who have just advanced to the elite eight, and Jarrett Culver out of Texas Tech are all players to keep an eye out for in the remainder of this year’s tournament.

Although the major upsets have been minimal though not completely with three 12 seed winning their first round game and UC Irvine beating Kansas State.

With that, this year’s March Madness has not failed in producing exciting games with unbelievable endings.

UCF being so close to pulling off the upset to top seeded Duke just to have two shots at the buzzer rim out.

LSU and Maryland was a thriller for all 40 minutes leading to a game winning layup sending LSU to the sweet 16.

It only gets better with blockbuster matchups with North Carolina and Auburn facing off, LSU and Michigan State, and Houston Kentucky all in one amazing day.  

March Madness 2019 is in full swing and showing no signs of slowing down. This time of year never disappoints with unforgettable endings and once in a generation players, and it’s just getting started, buckle in sports fans it’s gonna be a ride.