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Keller Girl’s Basketball Team

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

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The Keller Girl’s Varsity basketball team ended their season three weeks ago with an overall record of 20-11. The Keller girls Varsity basketball team has a total of 12 girls on the team. The team holds two freshman, one sophomore, three juniors, and 6 seniors. Yes you heard me right, six seniors. The team’s national rank is 888th. The Keller girls Varsity basketball team’s state rank is 95th. Kate Goldberg is the coach to the Keller girl’s varsity basketball team. The team’s freshman are pointguard Cambridge Mathews, number 2, who is 5’6 and Kim Kohen, number 15, who is a 5’9 Guard. The Keller girl’s Varsity basketball team’s sophomore is Gabby Czajkowski, who is a 5’7 guard. The team’s three juniors are Emma Taylor, who is a 5’10 Guard, Sydney McQuietor, who is a 6’2 post, and Avery DeWalt, who is a 6’0 post. Finally, the Keller girls Varsity basketball team’s six seniors are Layklyn Hughes, who is a 5’8 guard, another guard who is also 5’8, Madison Lane, Chloe and Claudia Bell, who are twins and share the same height and position on the team, 6’0 and forward. Madi Kendrick is also a senior on the Keller girls Varsity basketball team, and she plays the position of post at a height of 5’10. The final senior on the Keller girls basketball team is Meredith Wood, who is a 5’7 guard. The KGB team should be very proud of themselves for having such a successful season. Goodluck to all the graduating seniors.

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Keller Girl’s Basketball Team