College Football Playoff Needs to be Changed. NOW!

College Football Playoff Needs to be Changed. NOW!

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The college football playoff has been all over the place lately with their final decision to put Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma in the top 4 to go to the playoffs. Causing Georgia, UCF and Ohio State to be left out. Raising the question like every year:  is this the best format for college football? No, no it is not.

You only have four teams in the playoffs, four! When it makes perfect sense to increase to eight so teams like UCF (who just went undefeated for the second year straight) get a chance that they deserve. The process in decision making in terrible. What is more important, the record, who they have played, what conference they’re in, did they win their conference. Well the committee obviously doesn’t know. Putting Oklahoma in just because they only have one loss despite Georgia being the better team. Putting Notre Dame in for being undefeated and not penalizing them for not being in a conference whatsoever but UCF goes undefeated who is in an actual conference and inexplicably does not get a chance. The college football committee itself doesn’t know what they value and what ultimately decides who the top four is at the end of the season. They say their goal is to put the best four teams in college football in the playoff, which they did not do this year.

This is why an expansion to eight teams is needed now, if so the playoff this year would be Alabama,  Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, UCF, and Michigan. No one can argue that each and every one of those teams deserve a shot to win a championship and to limit the playoff to four teams is wrong. I get the argument of “There will always be that one team left out that gets snubbed”. But leaving out Georgia is way less egregious than leaving out what would be 10-3 Washington, it is incomparable.

The current format in wrong and unfair and there is not bad side to increasing the playoff to eight teams. This needs to happens and need to happen now.