Keller vs Southlake

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The Keller vs. Southlake football game was on friday and despite all the hate this took this past week, god dang hung in there!

Keller had the lead 23-21 at half time and were feeling good coming into the 3rd quarter. But the Southlake running back ran all over the defense going for over 250 yards on the ground and was the Achilles heel for the Keller defense. Despite that, the game stayed close the entire game and we had a chance to tie and win in the 4th quarter but shot ourselves in the foot one to many times on our way to a 58-37 loss.

If there is a thing of a moral victory in sports, this was one for Keller Football. Showing that they can hang with the big dogs and are not intimidated by anyone really proved the haters (me) wrong.

Next game is on Friday October 5th against Timber Creek and we should they should be nothing but confident going into the big game