Keller vs Southlake Football

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Keller Football played Southlake Football last week at the Keller ISD Stadium. The Southlake Football varsity team is ranked 11th in the state while Keller is ranked 68th. Keller was able to lead the game in the first half with a score of 31-24. Keller Football Coach, Christopher Price explained he was “extremely proud” of his team. The second half was a heartbreaker to the 9,000 Keller fans in the crowded stadium. The final score of the game was 57-42 Southlake coming out with the win. The Keller football varsity team made timely errors in the fourth quarter. As I interviewed Coach Price a few days after the disappointing-but well played game, he explained to me the reason the fourth quarter was so tiring for the Keller football varsity team. Price informed me with the surprising statistics that Southlake football’s Offensive Line is 70 pounds heavier if you compare each man to man. For example, Cade cantrell, number 66 on Keller’s offensive line is around 200  pounds. This means that a Southlake’s Football player was 270 pounds. Even though Keller Football does an extreme amount of conditioning, having an extra 70 pounds pushing on you for four 15 minute quarters in a row would be completely exhausting. In conclusion, Southlake football beat Keller football last friday in a heart wrenching game. Keller fans are still upset over the gut wrenching outcome of the game. The Varsity and Junior Varsity players are grieving painfully over the loss. Keller Football expects to go 9-1 in district this football season, and make it to playoffs. It should be a winning season after this last loss.