Jeff Banister FIRED


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

On September 21 the Texas Rangers decided to fire former American League manager of the year Jeff Banister after his fourth year with the team. Banister made the playoffs in his first two years with the team but has not been back since 2016. He won American League manager of the year in his first year in 2015 going 88-74 and winning the division.

Ranger fans, including me, are outraged by this decision by GM John Daniels. To say that the last two years of Ranger baseball was the managers fault shows just how oblivious John Daniels is to the situation the Rangers are in currently. The last two teams have not been playoff teams, period. There is nothing Banister could have done to turn that around, even going 78-84 and just missing out on the wild card in 2017 is an accomplishment in itself when you look at the product that as put out on the field.  Asking Banister to be successful this past year with the team he was given is like asking a chef to make a five star meal with nothing but cheap canned foods.

The popular take, which i don’t completely agree with, is that it’s John Daniels who need needs to be fired for not giving Banister a chance and putting this team in a hole. All i know is the the hole the Rangers are in just keeps getting deeper, and deeper, and deeper because not only do they have to find new players to achieve their goal of being a contender in 2020, but now they have a Manager spot to fill.