National Hockey League at the Beginning of the New Season

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

After a long summer of recuperating after a fantastic win by the Washington Capitals, NHL hockey has returned in full swing with teams anxious to get back on the ice and their fans even more excited to watch.

The season started October 3, and began with the Washington Capitals raising their Stanley Cup banner. Capital’s fans are satisfied with their cup win from last season, and are anxious to see how their team will play this year.

Zach Donohue, a Capitals fan since 2007, said he would never forget how it felt to see them raise the banner for their first game of the season.

“That banner will be there forever reminding caps fans everywhere of everything that happened last year. I waited for years and seeing that felt amazing,” Donohue said.

Hockey fans have the most intense energy for their teams. After attending a Dallas Stars game last week, I got to experience first hand the insane loyalty of hockey fans, and the energy of the stands is unlike any sport I’ve ever seen.

As of now, the Eastern Conference has the Toronto Maple Leafs at the top of their standings and the Western Conference has the Anaheim Ducks at the top of their standings. The season started off with the Capitals versus the Boston Bruins, and since then hockey fans all across the nation have become reinvested in their teams and how the games are playing out.


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