Texas Rangers Disappointment


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

As we enter the final month of regular season baseball, there are two types of teams; those who are fighting for a playoff spot, living or dying on every game, and those who just want this 2018 season to be over with.

Take a wild guess which side the Rangers are on.

The Rangers have had a nightmare of a season being last in the AL West with a current record of 58-76, a disastrous pitching staff, and a disappointing year for Joey Gallo, Delino DeShields, and others. While, yes, we actually have a few good young hitters in the lineup, Joey Gallo showed little to no improvement in his second full year in the bigs. Delino DeShields was supposed to prove his worth as our every day center fielder yet was plagued with injuries and our pitching staff shows no signs of a bright future especially in the starting rotation, which was statistically the worst in the MLB.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I was expecting a lot from this team this year. This kind of season, record wise, was pretty much expected. Where the failure kicks in is that there is no light at the end of the tunnel currently in sight. This season was supposed to be a look into the future for this team, watching young guys start improving and showing signs of greatness which happened for about one, maybe two guys. The pitching staff was supposed to have a couple bright spots and that completely fell flat. Fans were supposed to actually feel hope for the future of this franchise throughout this season and that hope never came.

Even through all this darkness there are a couple bright spots. Rougned Odor showed improvement from his awful 2017, Jose Leclerc out of the bullpen showed signs of a good closer, and new AAA call up Ronald Guzman showed promise of a pretty good first baseman, but that’s it. That is pretty much all the positivity I can muster from the 2018 Texas Rangers.

“Operation 2020” is what this team seems to be adopting, meaning their goal is to be a playoff contender by the time the new stadium is done in 2020 which is only two short years away. That being said from what I saw this year nothing tells me that they are going to be good team by that time. The starting rotation needs to be completely scraped, our young hitters need to keep or start showing improvement, and we need to get some key off-season pickups if we even have a chance hope to be good by 2020. The only thing we know for sure, is it won’t get any easier especially for this front office as we inch closer to the off-season.