Dallas Cowboys Look-ahead and Prediction


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Coming off a disappointing and injury-plagued 2017 and following an eventful off-season, the Dallas Cowboys finally start a fresh new campaign Sunday against the Panthers. The Cowboys have a lot to prove this season with the cutting of Dez Bryant, recently waiving the all-time great kicker Dan Bailey, retirement of Jason Witten the coaching are on thin ice and must succeed in order to keep their jobs.

The makeup of this Cowboy offense is very different, but the strategy to score stays the same: run the ball. They still have a very good offensive line and Zeke, so run, run, run to open up the passing game. This team doesn’t have a bonafide “number one” wide receiver, but if done right that won’t matter. Let Zeke run, let Dak spread the ball to the receivers ,and the offense should be fine.

As for the defense, it actually looks really promising. The defensive line looked good in training camp and pre-season, and the linebacking core is improving around Sean Lee. The secondary is young, talented and unpredictable, but that goes for the whole team.

Because of all the off-season moves, this team is very new and unpredictable. Sure, the running game will succeed with Zeke and the o-line, but the passing game because of all the new receivers and the fact we have no Dez and Witten is very up in the air. The same goes for the defense with all-pro linebacker Sean Lee who seems to get injured every year and a young core of defensive backs.

My prediction for the Dallas Cowboys season is a record of 10-6 and a playoff team. I think this defense will be top ten in the league, and getting rid of Dez Bryant actually helped Dak Prescott and the offense, who can now spread the ball and play his game. All that combined with Zeke and the offensive line.

Now take that for what you will, this team is very unpredictable and 10-6 could easily turn into 6-10, but Dallas Cowboy football finally returns Sunday.