Cowboys Draft Review


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Coming off a disappointing 2017 season this off season for the Dallas Cowboys was a big one, and obviously, a big part of it is the draft. With the NFL Draft now come and gone, how did the Cowboys fare? And with the 2018 season slowly but surely getting closer how bright does 2018-2019 look for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys had the 19th first round pick and with the cutting of Dez Bryant a few weeks ago it was thought that Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley, if available, was the best pick for the Cowboys in that spot. Despite the temptation of an electrifying receiver, they went with what I think is the smarter pick. Leighton Vander Esch, a linebacker out of Boise State was chosen. With the loss of Anthony Hitchens in the early offseason, the Cowboys need for depth in that position, they need someone to play alongside Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith and Vander Esch is the perfect fit. Athletic, big, and strong, he should provide a huge boost for the defense next season.

For their second round pick, they went with Connor Williams and offensive linemen out of Texas. How he slid to the second round is beyond me, but the Cowboys got first round talent in the second round and will just add to the dominance of the offensive line, and make Zeke that much harder to stop. In the later rounds, the Cowboys front office stuck with their plan of providing depth (something they didn’t have last year) by grabbing a wide receiver in the third, defensive end in the fourth, and even another quarterback and running back later on.

This was a very smart draft for the Dallas Cowboys. They consistently went with the smarter pick that fans maybe won’t like but will be better for the team in the future rather than pleasing fans with flashy players like Calvin Ridley who they could of easily fallen into the trap us fans set and taken him at 19, instead they looked at what the position they needed not wanted and in doing so put together a very successful draft that promises to provide both depth and talent.  

Draft Grade: A-