My NHL Playoff Opinions

My NHL Playoff Opinions

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

With the playoffs in full swing, it appears that most of the teams are extremely well matched. The majority of the games have resulted in last minute snipes or hard-fought overtime wins.

It would be refreshing to see the Penguins NOT win. With their past back-to-back victories under their belt, they have a good chance. However, the opponents they’re up against have definitely gotten in the way of their win streak. Their most difficult opponent: The Washington Capitals, who are neck and neck in terms of divisional standards.

Currently, the Caps lead the Penguins 2-1, but it truly could be anyone’s game. It would be nice to see the Jets or the Predators, considering that they are in our division. But the bad thing is that THEY’RE IN OUR DIVISION and I’m extremely bitter because the Avalanche were the worst team last year and now somehow they clinched the playoffs.

Along with the Caps, the Vegas Golden Knights are also a front-runner, especially in their regular season. Although they are a new team, they have proven their worth in the NHL. Right now they are narrowly defeating the San Jose Sharks 2-1. I don’t think I would enjoy seeing the Knights win just because they are so new. I believe they should build a legacy and a strong fan base before winning.

My hope for the Stanley Cup is that the Sharks take the victory, especially since they have done so well against Dallas.