Bye Bye Dez


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

All off season, news about Wide Receiver Dez Bryant’s future with the Dallas Cowboys has been swirling. After an awful 2017-2018 season for the three-time pro bowler, who only caught six touchdowns (his least amount since his rookie year) and caught 69 passes being targeted 132 times. That’s a 52.3 percent catch rate, which is among the league’s worst. Those numbers do not add up to a five-year $70 million contract that was signed in 2015.

Jerry Jones and Bryant had a meeting at the Dallas Cowboy practice facility, the Star, on April 13. Bryant was cut then and there; the reactions from fans were very mixed. Some were happy the team got rid of a distraction, whose play on the field hasn’t been good since 2014. Others were left wondering why we would just give away talent like that for nothing. The Cowboys are looking for change following their disappointing 2017 season where Bryant was horrendous. They are looking to make a so-called  “Dak friendly” offense and cutting Bryant is a step in the right direction in achieving that goal.

Bryant is not a “Dak friendly” wide receiver; he doesn’t necessarily get open that often. He is more of a “throw it up and I’ll go get it” receiver and in 2014 he actually went and caught those balls; now he is not. Whether Bryants’s downfall is Dak Prescott’s fault or his own doesn’t matter; the Dak to Dez connection isn’t there and it never was so cutting Bryant will be a good thing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, what does this mean more for the upcoming draft and the 2018 season?

It means that the Cowboys’ front office is possibly looking into drafting a wide receiver to accompany off-season pick-up Allen Hurns and familiar names Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams. It means that the 2019 Cowboy passing game will be drastically different from 2017; they will look to put Prescott in motion and throw to receivers that are actually open and can catch. They will still be a run first team with Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, but the receiving core will be a breath of fresh air for Cowboy fans.

We have seen the last of Bryant in a Dallas Cowboy uniform. Though he may go on and explode to the player he was four to five years ago, getting rid of Bryant was a great thing for this Cowboy team no matter what he does in his future.

The Cowboys will be better with Prescott as their quarterback and better without Bryant.