NCAA Final Four 2018 Basketball Tournament

Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

The NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament or March Madness for men’s basketball started with 68 teams. The goal is to get to the Final Four and the Championship game to win the National Championship Title for their college. 2018’s Final Four competitors consisted of two first seed, teams, Villanova and Kansas, followed by a third seed team, Michigan, and lastly an eleventh seed team, Loyola Chicago. A seed is a preliminary ranking to determine the best.

The NCAA Championship competitors for 2018 consisted of Michigan vs. Villanova. Villanova faced Kansas for their Final Four game and beat them 95-79. Michigan faced Loyola Chicago for their Final Four game and beat them 69-57. The NCAA National Champion for 2018 is Villanova University who beat University of Michigan 79-62.

An uproar of cheer and sadness for all the competitors this March Madness, the NCAA is a billion dollar industry and college basketball is one of its greatest assets. I am excited to see what the future holds for 2019’s March Madness.