How the Mavs Season Can Stop Sucking

How the Mavs Season Can Stop Sucking

Ben Wiche, Staff Writer

Stop Caring about Winning (or Losing)

Let’s start with the obvious. The Mavericks are having a horrible season; they’re not going to the playoffs, losing is our best option, yadda yadda. But right now, how does Dallas stand in the draft? Currently, they have a 10.4 percent chance of a top draft pick and a 33.7 percent chance of a Top 3 pick. And consider that of the final nine games — we play the Kings, Magic, Lakers, and Suns. So a light schedule coupled with a team that hopes to fight back against its tanking reputation. It doesn’t seem that our chances will get a whole lot better by the end of the season.

Trash the Tank, Settle for Spoiling

Losing sucks. Losing on purpose really sucks. Losing on purpose for a slim chance at maybe getting better…you get the point. But if we can’t be good (or at least average), we might as well make other people worse. So of the last games in the season, our Blazers and Sixers matchups have the most playoff consequences. We should fight these teams like a back of starved wolverines.

Stop Worrying and Enjoy Dirk

Is this Dirk’s last season? I don’t know and I don’t care. We currently have a future Hall of Famer playing in his last years. I’d hate to see the Mavs without Dirk, so I think we might as well enjoy him.

Find Another Team (It’s Easy)

There are currently five open playoff spots in the west, with 10 teams who can make it. Think about it, actually consequential basketball. Why not we take a pause from tanking, cuban, poor basketball, given up leads and all that tripe and just watch basketball…that’s good.

Crazy, right.