Baseball Season

Baseball Season

Taylor West, Staff Writer

As springtime approaches us, new sports begin to take over the topics of discussion, baseball being one of the more prompt ones.

Baseball season is one of the most talked about sports at Keller High. Coming up close with football, everyone gets excited for the season. All the teams — freshman, JV, and varsity — are more than ready to start getting into the groove of the season.

Junior varsity player Gabriel Brinski talks about projections for the upcoming season. Last year, the team’s wins rounded at 20, ties being six, and losses ending at one. Brinski has played on the baseball team for three years now.

Making it into the playoffs seems to be a common goal for all of the teams, and baseball does not fall short of that for their new season. One of the bigger goals and hopes for the season lies with winning state, something their softball counterparts have displayed nicely.

With every great season comes even better memories. Brinski said that Kevin Simpson’s walk off against Weatherford was his favorite memory from last season.  It also seems to be a favorable and generally shared memory among the team.

The boys’ baseball season is coming up quick, which means there are plenty of nerves about the season and excitement to start it.

One of the most challenging schools the team is thought to have played is Timber Creek, so rattled nerves over how the game against Timber will go are extremely high.

Brinski said, “We are really excited for this season and the potential that it holds, and we we hope that everyone else is too and will come out and support us as we battle through district.”

Boys baseball has their first district game on March 13.