Stars Away Game Series

Stars Away Game Series

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

The Dallas Stars participated in an away game road trip in California  throughout the week of February 19. The three games featured face-offs against the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, and the Los Angeles Kings.

Overall, they walked away with two losses and a win.

Though two of the games were not in their favor, the loss will not be as detrimental seeing as all three teams do not reside in our division.

Most of the losses attributed to poor circumstances, external factors in particular. The repeated lack of Victory Green morale led to an underwhelming excitement of game play, and as a result, allowed the games to lack charisma and penalties.

Other unfortunate instances allowed for an almost clean sweep for the home teams. Players such as Hanzal and Honka were scratched for the entire series; because of this, the entire defense lack chemistry and a sense of cohesion.

However, the biggest discrepancy in game play was a terrible performance from both of the Stars’ goalies. More specifically newly added member, Ben Bishop, who was unable to control the momentum of the Sharks. In just the first twenty minutes of the game, number 30 had managed to let four goals reach the back of the net.

In the end, the team performed poorly, and continues to struggle with a group dynamic, stopping other teams when the continue scoring and creating a useful attack method.