Superbowl 52 Review

What a wild ride this season has been

Superbowl 52 Review

Thomas Winzeler, Assistant Editor

For the first time ever the Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl. In the 52 years the Super Bowl has been around, the Eagles have not won it. However, that 52-year wait is over, in a miraculous victory over the New England Patriots that came down to a fumble and a field goal. So how did we get here, to the Eagles winning the Superbowl with Nick Foles at the helm?

Let’s be honest, we all expected this to happen. At the beginning of the season we all said “Yeah, the Eagles will win the League. They will win the NFC East. The Cowboys definitely won’t win.” Halfway thru the season, we all saw Carson Wenz going down with a season-ending injury, resulting in Nick Foles being thrust into the starting spot. At the end of the regular season, we all saw the Eagles, being lead by Nick Foles, going to the super bowl. We especially saw this immediately after the Minneapolis Miracle. We knew that the momentum wouldn’t carry over resulting in the Vikings getting curb stomped. Lastly, we all saw the Patriots losing to the Eagles right at kickoff. We all knew that League MVP Tom Brady would have the ball stripped out of his hands with a little over 2 minutes left in the game. We all saw the writing on the wall. We all knew this would happen. We expected it.

If we all expected Tom Brady and the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl, then we all must know the odds of him winning the super bowl isn’t that high. It wasn’t very high because of the League MVP Curse. Well, it’s not a curse. It’s a statistic based on fact: The fact that the playoff competition gets harder. With competition getting harder the chance of any team getting to the super bowl is lower. This is proven by the fact that only 10 players have won the league MVP and the Super Bowl in the same year. None of the league MVP’s in this century have won both. The full list of players who have won both are: Kurt Warner (Rams, 1999), Terrell Davis (Broncos, 1998), Emmitt Smith (Cowboys, 1993) Steve Young (49ers, 1994) Brett Favre (Packers, 1996), Joe Montana (49ers, 1989), Lawrence Taylor (Giants, 1986), Mark Moseley (Redskins, 1982), Terry Bradshaw (Steelers, 1978) and Bart Starr (Packers, 1966).  

Here’s the list of players who have kept this drought going:

2017: Tom Brady (Patriots lost in Super Bowl 52)
2016: Matt Ryan (Atlanta lost in Super Bowl 51)
2015: Cam Newton (Panthers lost in Super Bowl 50)
2014: Aaron Rodgers (Packers lost in NFC title game)
2013: Peyton Manning (Broncos lost in Super Bowl XLVII)
2012: Adrian Peterson (Vikings lost in wild-card round)
2011: Aaron Rodgers (Packers lost in divisional round)
2010: Tom Brady (Patriots lost in divisional round)
2009: Peyton Manning (Colts lost in Super Bowl XLIV)
2008: Peyton Manning (Colts lost in wild-card round)
2007: Tom Brady (Patriots lost in Super Bowl XLVII)
2006: LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers lost in divisional round)
2005: Shaun Alexander (Seahawks lost in Super Bowl XL)
2004: Peyton Manning (Colts lost in divisional round)
2003: Peyton Manning/Steve McNair (Colts lost in AFC title game; Titans lost in divisional round)
2002: Rich Gannon (Raiders lost in Super Bowl XXXVII)
2001: Kurt Warner (Rams lost in Super Bowl XXXVI)
2000: Marshall Faulk (Rams lost in wild-card round)

Here’s another interesting fact: The NFC East, right now, is the only division in the NFL to have all its member win the Super Bowl. Those teams are The Cowboys, Redskins, the New York Football Giants and now the Eagles. No other division in the NFL can claim that all their teams have won the Superbowl. That’s a pretty big honor to claim. 

Overall this Super Bowl was one of the best. Since Super Bowl 49, each game has been competitive and fun to watch. What made this super bowl so special is that we saw the evil empire that is the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl. Closing the books on another season. Here’s hoping for a great offseason. Now let’s turn our focus to Baseball.