College Basketball January Storylines


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

What we learned in the opening month of college basketball conference play: the Big 12 conference is ridiculous and yet still Kansas sits on top, Trae Young may be the closest thing to Steph Curry we are ever going to get, and if the way this season has gone keeps up it’s going to be a March to remember.

There is no question that the Big 12 is by far the best conference in college basketball. Eight out of the ten teams are NCAA tournament locks (and you could argue nine). At one point this season four teams were ranked in the top ten at the same time and seven teams are currently ranked. Kansas, the current leader in the conference, has won five of their six Big 12 wins by five points or less, and one loss too. Oklahoma has some guy named Trae Young who just may be the National Player of the Year and the closest thing I have ever seen to Steph Curry to date. But despite all the madness, Kansas somehow is still on top threatening to extend the astounding 13 straight years they have won the Big 12 to 14.

Trae Young has burst onto the college scene putting up unheard of numbers averaging 30.3 points a game (#1 in the nation) and 9.6 assists (#1 in the nation) shooting a little over 50 percent from the field and a respectful 40 percent from three. No, I didn’t exaggerate anything. The dude is a floor general if you’re open no matter where you are or where he his the ball is coming your way. He takes shots that if anyone else even thought about taking, they’re going to the bench and running suicides in practice, he makes them with ease. He’s also just a freshman.

With the way this college basketball season has gone we are going to have a March to remember. Kentucky loses their streak of 132 weeks straight of being ranked in the top 25, there have been four shake-ups to the #1 team, and so many changes in the top ten I can’t even count. I don’t remember a year quite like this where so many teams are in the mix and so many top-seeded teams lose every week. It’s really no longer a shock when a top five team loses because it happens every week, multiple times on some occasions. March Madness is known for the upsets, seeing what has already taken place in January.  Get ready sports fans; March is coming.