Intramural Sports Club

Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

Students have a love for sports. Some students love them so much they want to play them all, and you can do just that in the Intramural Sports Club. 

“My friends and I founded the Intramural Club based on the principle that all students should have the opportunity to play various sports at a fun, recreational level,” said senior and founder of the club Andrew Nelson.

The club is run loosely, and the members choose what sports they want to play for their meetings. It is a free club that is run every Wednesday from 7:15-8:45 P.M.

Nelson has a passion for sports and played football and tennis growing up. But he enjoys basketball the most as it can be played by anyone.

The Intramural Sports club is available to all grade levels and you can join by completing the application on their Twitter, @KHSIntramural.

The spring season runs from January 31 through April 18. If you are about trying new things definitely think about joining the club.