Stars Mid-Season Wrap Up

Stars Mid-Season Wrap Up

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

With half the season over, the Stars have been performing much better than last year. Nearly tying their record from last year, they have made some major improvements. The new additions to the team have improved the overall chemistry and skill level. Incoming players such as Radulov and Bishop, have played key roles in the streak of wins Dallas has been having.

The month of December has tested the Stars. They went up against some of the top-scoring teams such as the Capitals, Blackhawks and the Predators. They came out on top against the teams in the central division, however took a close loss to the Capitals in overtime.

New strategies have been implemented towards extra time. New shifts have been introduced, featuring many of the recent additions. Faksa, Pitlick and Methot have all been extremely beneficial to the team during overtime. The defense has been effective as well, Klingberg and Lindell are leading defensemen, in terms of point and overall skill. Klingberg has now coined the title of “Top Defenseman” based off of the point. He now has roughly 40.

The rest of the season appears promising, as long as they are able to keep their gameplay consistent and continue to work fluidly.