Cowboys Season Disappointment


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

What happened to the Dallas Cowboys? After a 13-3 2016 season the hype for 2017 was real. Super Bowl aspirations swirled the team through the off season and into the pre-season. But injuries, bad play, and bad luck gave this team a 9-7 finish and a missed playoff berth. As fans we can’t help to feel the disappointment and a missed opportunity that was the 2017 season, or was it?

What this year season showed us is that this wasn’t “the year.” Dak Prescott is still growing and developing, Zeke made some bad decisions (whether he should have been suspended or not), it was a down year for all the receivers, especially Dez who had one of the highest drop totals in the entire NFL, and injuries plagued this team from the start with Sean Lee, Tyron Smith and others. I can’t help to think what this team could have done if everyone was healthy, and/or not suspended all year and I truly feel we were a Zeke and Sean Lee all 16 games away from one of the best team in the NFC. Yes, Dak didn’t play nearly as well as he did in his rookie campaign; Zeke has a lot to do with that. Zeke in the game opens up the passing game and with a young quarterback that is very important.

Obviously, yes, 2017 was a very disappointing year for America’s team. Going 9-7 when having realistic Super Bowl hopes is terribly disappointing and borderline depressing. But we have to look at the big picture. What this team went through this year not a lot, maybe none, teams would be able to overcome that. Injuries, suspensions, and layer just flat out not producing with all those coming at you definitely a Super Bowl and even a playoff berth is not happening.

With 2017 behind us fans, coaches, and player are already preparing for a 2018 that who knows, may be a special one. Here’s to a successful draft and a 2018-2019 season worth remembering.