Girls’ Cross Country Take State Again

Running like the wind


Ben Wiche, Staff Writer

What does it mean to be great? Winning a statewide competition in your field two years in a row is a pretty good benchmark. This is an interview with the Keller 2x State champion girls cross country team.


BW: How’s it feel to be champions?

Isabel Van Camp: Really good and actually pretty unreal.

Julia Black: It’s pretty dope.


BW: What was going through your minds the day of State?

Julia: We thought “If we do what we know we can do, then we know we can do this”

Isabel: Y’know just being confident does not mean your overconfident.


BW: Nike South what’ll happen? (edit: they got second).

The whole team laughs.

Sydney White: We’ll just run our race.

Abbey Santoro:Not change too much.


BW: Do you think you can do better at nationals this year?

Sydney: This year we just want to get on the podium.

Isabel: So many distractions and free merch.


BW: So an odd course?

Isabel: Yes.


BW: Were there any real changes in training this year?

Julia: It got Intense. It really does get harder every year.


BW: What do you girl’s expect from Track this season?

Julia: IDK we train so hard.


BW: Issy do you think you’ll break 2:10. (The school record in the 800 Isabel broke last season).

All four of the other girls say she can do it.

Isabel: That’s my goal, that’s my goal (she says as she knocks on wood).


BW: for the two college bound seniors, how do you feel about college?

Abbey: Excited!

Julia: Great!

Abbey: I never had that one school I specifically wanted to run at, but I think A and M’s great!


And thus, a group of great women imparted me with some of their greatness.