Dak vs. Wentz


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The Dak Prescott versus Carson Wentz debate is taking the country by storm. But who is really better? My answer — DAK.

Though an unpopular opinion (especially with the MVP season Wentz in having), it is just a fact. Dak Prescott is better than Carson Wentz, period. Just look at the stats:

QBR — Dak 97.4, Wentz 88.4

Completion Percentage — Dak 66.0%, Wentz 61.6%

Interceptions — Dak 13; Wentz 19

Rushing Yards — Dak 529; Wentz 403

Rushing Touchdowns — Dak 11; Wentz 2

Though Wentz is currently having a better season and has Dak beat in passing touchdowns and passing yards, I like the guy who is the most reliable, doesn’t turn the ball over, can move around in the pocket and run the ball upfield, and that guy is Dak Prescott.