Stars Opening Games

Stars Opening Games

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

As the first eight games come to a close, a definite improvement has been made from last season. With the addition of players like Pitlick and Methot becoming apparent in the rotations, an increase in goal production and team dynamic is clear.

With a current record of five wins and three loses, it is clear that the coaching change has definitely been for the better. A controversial yet highly effective starting shift of Seguin, Benn, Radulov, Klingberg and Lindell has scored the most goals, and while that two minutes on the ice is promising, it leaves the other lines significantly weaker. A much needed change could be in the future, however, with the way things are going, it doesn’t seem likely.

A major contributing factor to the three losses was turnovers; insufficient passes have become an emerging pattern on the ice. A lack of recovery after the passes has left the team scrambling and they often are unable to get back into a defensive mode. Although the Stars’ scoring percentage is rather high, goals allowed are also on the rise, so a better set of defensive shifts is the solution. Players like Oleksiak and Eaves are not on the ice; instead Methot and Honka are now consistent in the lineup. While they are performing well, a quick switch up can allude to a solved problem, or at least give way to one.

The single most beneficial change has been Ben Bishop. Traded from the LA Kings, he has started seven out of eight of the games and has remained in goal for the entirety of the game. He plays conservatively, and takes no chances when it comes to a potentially risky play. Keeping him fresh and on the ice will absolutely be helpful to the other five players out there with him.

In the near future, the Stars hit the road to take on the Avalanche, the Oilers, the Canucks.