NFL Corruption

NFL Corruption

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The NFL is no doubt one of the most successful companies of all time. It dominates television ratings every Monday and Thursday night and all day Sunday. Tickets, jerseys, fan paraphernalia — the NFL gains millions of dollars for each of these items. But behind all the success is a corrupt company and commissioner, especially when it comes to  domestic violence cases. They constantly sweep things under a rug, lie, and cheat just to protect their reputation with no regard for others.

In 2014, Baltimore Ravens runningback Ray Rice was suspended just two games for supposedly beating his fiancee Janay Palmer in an elevator. During that time multiple players, none as popular as Rice, got suspended six, seven, or eight games for player misconduct and drug use. Later on, TMZ released a video of Rice completely knocking out Palmer in a single punch in the elevator. The NFL had this video available to them prior to the public release, swept it under a rug, and hoped no one would find it so they wouldn’t have to suspend a popular player like Ray Rice who brings in big money.

Of course, once the public found out about this, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell magically suspended Rice indefinitely. Rice has yet to play in the NFL again. Just a short year later, New York Giants kicker Josh Brown got charged with domestic violence, which he fully admitted to. The NFL suspended him one game, which again, eventually got overturned to a more severe suspension of six games.  

Recently Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for six games for alleged domestic violence, but there was no hard evidence, like a video, to prove that he was guilty. Since, Elliott has appealed the suspension, and the court ruled to let him play until they reached a decision. Now not just being a Cowboys homer, if Zeke really did beat a girl, or anyone for that matter, they should be suspended for multiple games, but to jump the gun and suspend Zeke six games right out the gate without any hard evidence?

That is just a fraction of why the NFL and Roger Goodell aren’t as they seem when it comes to these court cases. They constantly hide reports and evidence, play favorites with the owners of various teams, and do it all just to protect themselves and their money. And probably the most scary point of all, what have they successfully hidden from us?