To Stand Or Kneel In The NFL

To Stand Or Kneel In The NFL

Taylor West, Staff Writer

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been major controversy within the NFL. While this may have brought the NFL even more views than it had before, it’s also turning away many others. Recently a professional football team in the NFL, the Redskins, found a large amount of their team kneeling during the National Anthem. Their kneeling was a response, and in most eyes a protest, to President Trump’s opinion about people who do not stand during the national anthem. So while it was a shot to the President, did the seemingly peaceful form of protest cause more uprising than meant to? It also surfaces another question: is it okay for people to kneel during the national anthem?

The Cowboys’ coach, Jerry Jones, decided to also speak out about the issue lying within the NFL. He stated that anyone who did not stand during the national anthem would be cut from their position on the team. After this announcement, at their most recent game, Jerry Jones linked arms with the Cowboys and kneeled before the anthem. Only did they stand during the anthem, and everyone stood, thus supporting his previous statement. Jerry Jones has faced some backlash from both kneeling and standing. It’s also as if he can’t make everyone happy. With the Cowboys head coach taking the matter into his own hands, he raises yet another question: should coaches be addressing the issue with their team?

Many who have taken sides to this major controversy haven’t quite viewed it from all perspectives. Some feel very strongly that the entertainment field is no place for protest. Others are the complete opposite. Despite everyone’s efforts to argue his or her side, many teams still have players split down the middle. Recently, NFL Steelers player Alejandro Villanueva made a public statement apologizing for standing during the anthem. He said, “I regret my actions,” when speaking out about how his team looked as if they weren’t behind him with support. This rose viewers’ anger since the Steelers team made Alejandro Villanueva apologize, despite his title as a US veteran.  

As the issue continues on, everyone will always have their opinions and feelings on such a topic. Some claim standing is the only appropriate way to go through the anthem, while others are committed to kneeling in protest. Still, the question remains, should NFL players kneel or stand for the national anthem?